About Rosie

Rosies mission is to give students the confidence to “trust in the process” To ground & find equilibrium in both body & mind. Focus on balancing the nadis, doshas, chakras & your earth elements.

Everyone is unique, like cycles of life, every day alters and changes and so this should be honoured and adapted in each class. One day you might be able to hold a pose and other days you might not even attempt it.  Dissolving the ego & surrendering to your mat is where great yoga flows! Tension & stress is translated into the body emotionally but also physically, through fluid guided movement & exploration we learn to release, let go and reset the body & mind into a more positive way of thinking. Rosie always had a pull into alternative therapies and ‘crystals’ from a very young age. Starting her asana practice in her early 20s but saw it more as a ”work out” exercise class rather than a “work in”.

In her mid 20s, during her Saturn Return became hooked and was fascinated by the effects of the subtle body, further through discovering reiki and balancing the chakras discovered Yoga is a daily practise, not something you need to be “flexible” to be able to do, but an opportunity to get out of your head and into your body, and as an added bonus, flexibility comes later, an added cherry on the top if you like.

Learning through regular practise that happiness comes from within, regular asana movement gave a profound sense of contentment & the ability to love and accept herself with all her quirky differences & stories. 

Leaving the corporate ladder, following her creative heart and going self employed, the best decision yet!

Rosie is a true believer, that a long full life is built around cultivating a smooth calming breath to help release, reconnect and ground both mind and body. Rosie is fascinated with the cosmos, synchronicities don’t happen by chance ! Her classes are built around balancing the nadis, cycles of the moon & incorporating ancient teachings of chakras and the subtle body helping to stimulate the nervous system to deepen focus of the mind as well as new movement science.